Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to join us¬†for the first¬†European Symposium on Chemical Bonding¬†(ESCB1)¬†on Monday¬†29 August ‚ÄstFriday¬†2 September 2016, hosted by the¬†University of Rouen¬†(France).

This conference, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Lewis model, intends to provide a large overview of the theories and methods that have been developed so far to get deep physicochemical insights into the nature of bonding. In particular, frontier talks and short communications for young investigators are planned. 


Besides, practical training sessions will be organized just before the beginning of the symposium.


The Chairmen of the ESCB1: Beno√ģt Bra√Įda, Laurent Joubert and Vincent Tognetti.



Young G. N. Lewis